Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Pictures of lately

                            I am so proud of Jayni. She has dpne amazing in kindergarten, she has not missed ONE day of school not even for being sick. She also has not been late ONCE. I checked her put one day but that is it. She likes schoool, she doesn't say that she loves it but is very good at doing what she is supposed to.
 We moved to Hurricane and are loving it. There is so much to do outdoors, I never thought I would enjoy the country living so much but I truly do. We will drive up to zions which is about 20 minutes away and grab a bite or just walk on the sidewalks in springdale, right before the entrance of Zion. This is in Kolob which is also only 15 minutes away and is so fun to take the kids because even Samantha can enjoy it.

                  I love claytons sense of humor. There is never a dull moment with him.
                              These girls love their dad. Jayni keeps saying, " I hope I can find a husband just like dad.

 These pools are only filled in the spring and there is a short period of time that they are able to be swam in. The water is FREEZING but Jayni is our water bug. She loves jumping into water so of course she wasnt going to pass this oppurtunity up. We didnt bring our swimsuits because we didnt know there would be this much water.
                                              JUMPING and......
                                              Oh my goodness, FREEZING.

                        OUR little hamburger and french fries. (I don't know why I call her that, maybe thats because thats all I felt like eating and did eat while I was pregnant with her).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trying to be better at updating

I have been doing facebook more than I have my blog and I almost forgot how to even update. I want to be better at updating for my personal use and to write what we are up to and the milestones for our girls. I am not very good at writing down anywhere these things so hopefully it will help me to do better at this.

So much has happened since the last time I posted so I will just update as fast as I can with saying that I decided to step down from my management job to be home with my girls and two months after that Clayton got promoted at his job as manager. He works as the Glide slope antenna manager. It is very complicated so I wont try to explain it. We moved to Hurricane, Ut. it is a very small town but we are loving it. Jayni is doing amazing in school, she is in kindergarten. I am able to go to her class and help once a week and I love that, Samantha comes with me and usually she does very well. Jayni's teacher can only say great things about Jayni and she is reading about 1st grade level. It is important to her to do well. She is still doing dance and is trying for the first time Tball this season and Clayton will be her coach. Samantha is 2 now and has so much personality. She has definitely been much more challenging than Jayni in the sense that she can exhaust me. Jayni gets frustrated sometimes because she is so neat and sam is so not. The two different personalities are so fun though and Jayni has always been such a sweet caring big sister.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

just a really quick post

We r still trudgeing this happy road to destiny staying busy as usual with work for both of us and i'm still in school and adjusting to a family of 4 and a new puppy. yes thats right a puppy! my husband texted me while he was in salt lake and asked if i would kill him if he brought one home. and i didn't even ask what kind i just said NO! well he couldn't resist and i am very glad that he didn't Jayni has had so much fun with jaclynn, whenever i am burping or standing up holding samantha she is doing the same to the dog. She is such a sweet girl and i love listening to her talk to jaclynn(puppy) she talks to her like she is a baby. She is a tiny pomeranian/shitzu and is super cute. we are still working on potty training but with the little time that i have to spend with just her she has picked up on how r family works. Things are so different with a lot of changes and i am loving my life. i am pretty much home all the time with the girls. i was lucky..well i wouldn't say that but i am doing this semester online, which is good but i have to be very disciplined. i am in english and history( my very least favorite subjects). Herer r a few moree pictures we had taken by this girl here in st. george her name is christina palmer, christina p photography and she is a delight to work with and super talented.